The Dark Labyrinth

formerly MEMORY KILL

a feature film spec. script

written by

Michael R.R. McLaughlin

Channel Islands Harbor
3600 South Harbor Blvd., Slip 336
Oxnard, CA 93035


Amnesia—tragedy... or the perfect alibi?


A research scientist working on a billion-dollar memory drug struggles to prove his innocence when charged with murdering his fiancée—a murder he witnessed but has no memory of.


When Research Doctor RIPLEY VAN WENLOST wakes up from an experiment-gone-wrong, he finds himself in a desperate situation. He is at the scene of a gruesome murder were his fiancée, ANGELA SABLE, has just been shot point-blank in the face, the formula to his billion-dollar intelligence drug stolen, and his short term memory is gone. He can't remember how he got there, what happened, or who committed the crime. In an effort to solve the murder and clear his name, Rip teams up with Homicide Detective LANCE PUCCIO and his partner, COLOMBO, a German shepherd police dog with a knack for sniffing out lies and digging up clues. At first, Rip’s lovely young Research Assistant, VICKY MOORE, falls under suspicion. But it isn’t long before it looks as though an ambitious competitor, DR. VANCE HEINRICH, might have done it. Soon the growing trail of spilled blood and dark corruption leads to Rip’s own boss, MR. HOUSTON, who’s due to collect millions of dollars in insurance money on the high-budget research project gone awash. But the deeper Rip digs, the more and more the evidence points towards just one person — himself. Will he be able to find the killer and clear his name; or did he commit the heinous murders himself? That is the question whose answer lies hidden within the dark labyrinths of the past, the truth, and Rip’s own mind.



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by Michael R.R. McLaughlin