Orpheus Falling

a feature film spec. script

written by

Michael R.R. McLaughlin

Channel Islands Harbor
3600 South Harbor Blvd., Slip 336

Oxnard, CA 930325


Why go on living, when all you have is everything you could ever possibly want?


When a suicidal young rock star’s wife is taken in his place, he grapples with Death’s seductive emissary to win her back.


KRYST, a young pop musician who lives in the Mr. Olympus Estates above Hollywood, has it all—the fame, the fortune, the super-model wife—but with the death of his son, he lost the passion for life that once inspired him and his music. Disillusioned and on the verge of suicide, Death, personified as a beautiful woman, is sent to claim his soul. But when she sees Kryst, the PRINCESS falls instantly in love with him and decides that she must have him for herself. So the Princess takes his lovely young wife, EVE, in his stead, and sets out to seduce Kryst. Only then does Kryst realize all that he still had, and he vows to win back his wife. But are the power of his song and music enough to charm THE MASTER ARTIST, who has already painted Eve’s soul into her eternal portrait, destined to hang for eternity in the Hall of Lives? And even if he can bring Eve back, can Kryst forgive himself for the drowning death of his son and make his life whole again.