Remember When...?

a feature film spec. script

written by

Michael R.R. McLaughlin

Channel Islands Harbor
3600 South Harbor Blvd., Slip 336
Oxnard, CA 930325


After ten years of marriage, she wants a divorce; he would, too... if he didn’t have amnesia.


Amnesia ruins the perfect Hollywood divorce, when the leading man forgets why he hates the love of his life. Using what he knows best—the magic of Hollywood—he struggles to win her back.


On the verge of divorce, Hollywood sweethearts SPENCE and KATE POLARIS are in a car accident. When Spence wakes up in the hospital, he can recall nothing of the past ten years; Kate, still dwelling on every little failure, is anxious to finalize the divorce. Determined to win back the Kate he remembers only as the young love of his life, Spence enlists the aid of their long-time friends JEAN and JOHNI, the gay writing/directing team of all of their movies together. Spence tries everything from recreating romantic moments from the past (with the help of a little Hollywood magic) to trying to win Kate back through the characters they are playing in their current movie together. But all his plans backfire, each time landing them back in the hospital where it all began, until the doctors are betting on which one of them will be back next and for what silly ailment. The only way for America’s favorite couple to save their marriage and live happily ever after is for Spence to learn from the mistakes he can’t even remember making while convincing Kate to forgive and forget.



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by Michael R.R. McLaughlin