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Of Love & Betrayal

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Shot on 35 mm film in the Bahamas, Of Love & Betrayal is Michael R.R. McLaughlin's film of adventure on the high seas discovering sunken treasure, buried desire, and lost hope.

When Jack O’Connor finds a clue to sunken pirate treasure, he sees it as the answer to his financial worries. All that is missing are the remaining clues held by Portia Pennington and Sandy Sequoia – two young women with their own dark secrets. The three misfit adventurers must learn to work together to sail their 76' schooner through Hurricane Andrew, in defiance of a pirate’s curse, if they want to recover his gold doubloons and escape with their lives – a breeze compared to opening their hearts and learning to trust each other.

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Theatrical Trailer 1 (2:30)

Michael R.R. McLaughlin (dir.)
Kevin Rahm
Tamara Jefferies
Amy Caudill

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