The Fourth Trimester - the feature

The Fourth Trimester poster

The Fourth Trimester, based on a short story by the writer / director of the Student Emmy® award-winning short of the same title, is set in the not too distant future, when the right to life has been Constitutionally redefined as beginning twenty years after conception. Subsequently made into a feature film, shot on 16mm, the full length version uses footage from the short, and was made while Michael R.R. McLaughlin was still a student.

Isaac and Albert have just received their Letters of Assessment from the government.
Sent to escort Isaac Edison to his abortion, is Detention Officer Laser Drake.

Isaac and Albert

After escaping to the Surface, Albert is surrounded by Laser Drake's Deathcorps Troops.

Title Card from the short film

Laser Drake

Laser Drake surveys the ruin he has brought about.

Surrounded in the Desert

Johnnavan is the leader of a group of rebel Surface Dwellers.

Detention Officer Laser Drake

Isaac and Albert wander in the desert after escaping from their Conceptus Apartments.

"They led a Detention Officer right to us!"

In a moment of epiphany, Isaac suddenly sees the image of a dove in his spilled Coke.

In the Desert


A Dove from a puddle

Albert collapses in the desert.

Check out R√ľneglaive

by Michael R.R. McLaughlin


Drake knows that Isaac is somewhere in the Conceptus Apartment, but Albert stands fast.

Not Utopia

Laser Drake and Albert

What does it mean if They pick the "right one."

Just Missed!

Isaac is an artist after all



Sent to escort Isaac Edison to his abortion, is Detention Officer Laser Drake.