MRM Productions is Michael Reed McLaughlin.

Of Love & Betrayal

The Keewatin, a schooner owned by Mr. Smitty and chartered out with Jack as captain.

Shot on location in 35mm film, in Eleuthera, Bahamas, this independent feature film is a romantic adventure that follows Jack, Sandy and Portia as they search for romance, treasure, and high adventure on the open seas.

Of Love & Betrayal AFM sales poster

Original American Film Market poster for
"Of Love & Betrayal"

Jack O'Connor, captian of the Keewatin, a 70' schooner.


There's going to be trouble if all the secrets come out.

Jack, Portia and Sandy

The 76 ft. schooner Keewatin out of Eleuther, Bahamas.

Some people have secrets

Actresses Tamara Jefferies and Amy Caudil brave a venture onto the infamous widow-maker..

The Schooner Keewatin

The cast and crew of the film after 21 days of shooting in the Bahamas.

Portia and Sandy on the widow-makekr

Cast & Crew

Jack O'Connor, captian of the Keewatin, a 76' schooner.
Portia has never even learned to drive a car, but Jack is patient in teaching her to helm the 76 foot schooner.


Jack and Sandy are ready to share the names on thier coins, but Portia is not.

Jack teaches Portia to sail

Desperate for a fix of cocaine, Sandy demands that they turn back.

Time to ante up

Realizing that they no longer need Jack to find the treasure, the girls maroon him on a small island.

Sandy wants to go back

After only one day on his own, Jack is picked up by a local fisherman.

The marooning of Jack

Jack is rescued

Trying to outrun a hurricane would be futile, so the adventureres race to cut a diaginal out of her path.

Hurricane Andrew strikes



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by Michael R.R. McLaughlin

Jack O'Connor, Portia Pennington and Sandy Sequoia.