Remember When...? is a romantic comedy along the lines of Sleepless in Seattle or You've Got Mail.

The Dark Labyrinth
This spec. script is a film noir murder mystery currently in pre production as an independent feature film being shot in black and white DV.

Orpheus Falling
is a romantic thriller based in part on Jean Cocteau's film "Orphée" but has been set in the pop music scene of Hollywood.

The Fourth Trimester
feature length version of the Student Emmy® award-winning short film by Michael R.R. McLaughlin takes his sci-fi premise of a world in which the right to life has been Constitutionally re-defined as beginning twenty years after conception, to the limits of the imagination.

Mr. & Miss Understood A self-centered psychiatrist cursed to be misunderstood by everyone he talks to must learn to listen to remove the hex and win the heart of his new office mate.

Abominable is teen horror movie script where a group of high school science students researching global warming in the arctic circle are terrorized by a Yeti released from the ice by an evil scientist's satellite-based heat ray.

Phantom Ship-Alpha Not all vampires drink blood… some prefer it frozen in the veins.



Check out R√ľneglaive

by Michael R.R. McLaughlin